Actel Corporation is a manufacturer of antifuse-based FPGAs. They were founded in 1985. FPGA stand for field programmable gate array. This device is an integrated circuit that can be programmed after being manufactured. These units are similar toASICs. To Read more about Actel Corporation continue reading at our official websites at:

Korry Electronics – Continues to Deliver First-rate HMI Solutions

Korry Electronics, founded inKorry 1937, is now currently a division of Esterline Control Systems. Korry created the first lighted cockpit controls for the developing commercial and military aircraft industry.

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Korry Electronics – Continues to Deliver First-rate HMI Solutions

B and K Precision – Serves Multifarious Industries by Delivering Exclusive Test and Measurement Solutions

BK-Precision-300x225B&K Precision was a company that was formed in the garage at 1948, back when televisions were a new invention. It pioneered the electronic testing industry back in 1948 and 3 years later by 1951, the company was becoming involved in other areas of electronic testing and measurement.

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B and K Precision – Serves Multifarious Industries by Delivering Exclusive Test and Measurement Solutions

Staco Energy Products – Unmatched Power Solution Provider

Staco Energy Products Company isStaco Energy Products Co. one of the leading companies in power quality and voltage control technologies.

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Explore the Advantages of EZ Hook Electronic Test and Measurement Accessories

E-Z-Hook is a US based manufacturer of electronic test and measurement accessories.  Their focus on quality, customer service and innovation is why leading firms have depended on E-Z-Hook components for over half a century.

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Vishay BC Components – Customers Best and Reliable Source for Cost-Effective Passive Components

Vishay is one of the world’s largest Vishay BC Componentsmanufacturers of passive components, such as thermistors, MOV & MLV varistors, capacitors, resistors, MLCC, and trim pots. Vishay / BC Components has more than 70 years’ experience in supplying high-quality, reliable products to all major industries.

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Energizer – A Well-Known Brand with Presence Worldwide

Energizer Holdings is an American manufacturer Energizerof batteries and personal care products, headquartered in Missouri, USA.

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